Enter our competition to win a free clean to 2 standard sized carpets ( no more than 160 sq feet each) or a Free 4 hour House Clean.

Competition expires at Midnight on the 30th of March 2014 and will only take a few minutes of your time.

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1. If you were looking to use a cleaning service does our website give you all the information you require?

2. How do you rate our website (1 being extremely poor and 10 being extremely informative and easy to navigate)

3. What improvements if any would you like to see on the website?

4. If you were trying to find a Cleaning Company , other than the internet are there any magazines , newspapers or directories you would search in?
Which ones?

5. For Businesses Only – Whom in your organisation would be responsible for making decisions regarding 'Cleaning Services'

6. For the purpose of the competition entry please give us your details if different to those on Question 5

7. Would you like to receive further information on any of the Services offered by Sanchez-Garcia Cleaning?