About us

Sanchez-Garcia Cleaning is made up of two partners; Mark & Carolyn who bring much experience in to the business of providing Contract Cleaning Services as well as Janitorial and Hygiene supplies.

Mark had spent over 25 years in the Service Industry with a background in Sales & Marketing across various industry sectors and became disillusioned with how some companies dealt with addressing Employee and Client satisfaction as well as failures to communicate effectively with the Client and how often 'getting it right' the first time became an issue.

Carolyn came from an Operational background also gained in the Service Industry giving her a skill set which includes people management, training, health & safety as well as resource management amongst others.

Both Partners have a joint goal which is represented by the company logo and is based on the 'Circle of Success'. Mark & Carolyn are determined to make this their objective in business i.e. to look after their employees ensuring they perform their duties professionally and to a high standard maximising client retention and building on the success of offering a professional, honest, quality reliable service.

Company Mission Statement

"To continually evaluate our main business objective to ensure that the attention and care given to employees and clients alike is always in the fore-front of everything we do. Achievement of our core values; 'Caring Employer, Happy Employee, Delighted Client' is not an instant achievement rather one that is earnt through listening, appreciating and rewarding staff, encouraging feedback and ideas, challenging oneself continuously and trying new things in order to not just meet but exceed client expectations."